You must have understood by the title itself what this post is all about. But in case you haven’t. Read on.

Why else do you think I’ve written this? *PUFF*

We all understand the meaning of term ‘Irony’ very well, but that is because we have heard it so many times before. But not all of us learned this term the same way. I mean there are no less but seven learning styles. And hey, I’m not gonna bore you with what they are. You already know that. You are smart. Right?


So I was sitting the other day, googling the term Irony because I had forgotten what it meant and this what I found-

What? You want me to say it? I thought you got that already. Did you? Okay, fine. Read the title again. Did you get it now? You did? Good!

So I found the word ‘KARNI’. And no, I didn’t really find it. It sort of popped out on my computer screen. So, I’m gonna tell you want it means.

Letter K means- You like to try new things.

Letter A means- You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.

Letter R means- You are a no non-sense person.

Letter N means- You may appear innocent, unassuming and shy.

Letter I means- You have empathy and human understanding.

You must be thinking what has KARNI got to do with IRONY. I mean there is no relation between the two, whatsoever. Right? *PUFF*

Well…I would have thought the same had I not been watching news regularly (actually, I was just looking for updates on Padmavati… I mean Padmavat…when I found out this).

The honourable Karni Sena chief went to Sabarmati Ashram yesterday, and that too, to INGEST the feeling of non-violence.  *COUGH*COUGH*COUGH*

Yeah right….you read it correctly. My head too had spun like that.

But as they say, ‘All are not saints, who go to church’.


So there was this other link that opened up….. (I mean…I was too curious to find out whether I’d get to watch the movie that I’d been waiting for impatiently. So I ended up googling)

BJP office bearers were doubling the bounty on the heads of the actors and actress starring in the movie because India is a democracy and it’s every citizens’ fundamental right to freedom….freedom to expression…which means that the producers calling a conference to clear the clouds over the controversy, by telling that the movie is a work of fiction means nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I mean they haven’t even seen the movie yet….and they are taking the law and order of the country in their hands, by merely watching the song ghoomar.

How do they even know that there are scenes between Ranveer and Deepika? Unless…they are way too fond of watching the duo onscreen that they cannot process the fact that they are just a part of the movie and that they haven’t even shot a single scene together.

Well… in that case…they could have simply waited for their next movie instead of throwing stones on a school bus full of kids or even setting their own community member’s vehicle on fire….and even if that was by mistake.

And if they don’t trust the censor board enough to empathise with any community’s sentiments, then they should be sensible enough to, at least, watch the movie first and then react…which, by the way, still does not justify violence and burning PVRs.

I mean even RaGa understands that violence can bring no good….didn’t you notice how quiet he had been since the controversy?  *PUFF*


 video demonstrating protest

RaGa: My Crush

This is the story of the time I had a crush on Ra Ga. And before you start judging me…let me tell you that I was a teenager and used to have crush on a lot of television and movie stars, and I did not want the politicians to feel bad about it…so…(to their rescue). I was in first year, doing graduation, from a renowned college of Delhi University and there was a rumor that Ra Ga was going to be one of the guest speakers on our annual day, which I was very excited about. I mean, you know how teenage girls are…again, this was before I had seen any of his interviews.

However, it did not turn out to be true. Either he declined the invitation or the cultural committee changed its mind. I’m not really sure what happened there. P.Chidambaram (then home minister) was invited instead, who delivered a really inspiring speech, enjoyed by every student and faculty present there.

About a year later, there was a video going all viral. One of the most popular and most liked video of its time. Any guesses?…No?…Let me give you some more clues. It was titled ‘Student of the year’, and no, I am not talking about the famous Karan Johar’s movie starring one of my other crushes. Still no?…Alright. I’ll tell you, what am I here for?

It was a video of an interview, from a famous talk show, hosted by Arnab Goswami Yes…now you remember! How silly he had sounded on national television?… which was nothing new to him…and neither for us. From that day he has been one of my favourite stand up comedians…I mean politicians (winking!). And I have never missed any of his interviews or speeches because I want to be well informed and I also enjoy humor. So…!

But I really respect this guy. I mean we all should. He has done a lot for this country. He has taught us things that no other could…I mean what would we do without him…(just kidding..!)

I was watching his speech the other day. He was addressing people during the inaugurtion ceremony of Indira Canteen in Bangalore and trust me…before watching this video I had no idea that Bangalore was a state. (Yes…Can you imagine??…How poor I must be in geography..?) I thought there were just 29 states….But this man!…Our saviour!…He just opened my eyes…and I am sure you did not know about that either.

So, let’s brush up our basics one more time. Bangalore is a state, which comes under another state, which is none other than Karnataka, and Karnataka comes under….?Umm…I don’t know which state it comes under. But I am sure Ra Ga knows. And all we can do is to wait for his next speech (fingers crossed…).

P.S.- Bangalore is a city and not a state (Also, its name has been changed to Bengaluru). India is a country and not a state. Bangalore comes under Karnataka, which is a state (one of the only 29 officially recognized states of India and there are 7 union territories, which are not called states).

Hope there is no further confusion.

Below is the video for those who haven’t seen it yet: